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TV: New Trailer for HBO and Ryan Murphy’s AIDS Drama ‘The Normal Heart’

A new trailer has been released for HBO Films’ and Ryan Murphy’s telefilm adaptation of Larry Kramer’s award-winning play “The Normal Heart.” Kramer also adapted the screenplay himself, with the film chronicling the AIDS epidemic spreading through New York City in the

April 18, 2014
Ellen Fanning Maleficent Still

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First Look at Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard in Justin Kurzel’s ‘Macbeth’

Michael Fassbender takes on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” in his newest film, but it’s his co-star who will have the juiciest role to play. Marion Cotillard plays the ruthless Lady Macbeth, wife to Fassbender’s monarch, in Australian director Justin Kurzel’s new adaptation of the

April 18, 2014
'The 100' Episode 1.06, 'His Sister's Keeper'
'Game of Thrones' Episode 4.03 'Breaker of Chains'
Kit Harington 2
Crossbones - Season 1

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TV: Here’s Everything That’s Happened on ‘Orphan Black’ So Far

The thrilling sci-fi series “Orphan Black” returns this Saturday with its season two premiere. This highly addictive show saw constant twists, insane reveals, and literally had us gripping the edge of our seats. Just in case you need a refresher

April 18, 2014

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